Mihei Egoroff(mee-Hay)

Mihei Egoroff

Financial Advisor

Mihei started Hope Wealth Planning to help people simplify the world of finances and investing. He has been helping families and businesses with budgeting and guidance since 2018. Inspired by his family's journey, he believes the path to pursue wealth building is available to everyone and greatly enjoys providing guidance to others no matter where they are at financially. 

Mihei and his wife Raisa, have two boys, Gregory and Isaac. They are a Christ-centered household dedicated to raising their children with a stewardship mindset. They like to spend their time together with archery, boating, golfing and watching a good movie. 

They come from very humble farming families in the outskirts of Woodburn Oregon and have lived in the local area most of their lives. Following the baby steps helped Mihei and Raisa to pay off several hundred thousand dollars in debt, and purchasing a home without a mortgage in 2019.They hope to share their journey from simple beginnings to help inspire others to pursue their financial goals. He is proud to be part of the SmartVestor Pro network as it was a very natural fit and he enjoys connecting and learning about peoples journey through the steps.  

Mihei speaks several languages including English, Russian and Spanish. He also attended Dave Ramsey’s Financial coaching and Counselor Training to further assist people on their financial journey.  Mihei holds a Series 7 registration through LPL Financial and a series 66 through LPL and Cross Financial Advisors.