Mihei Egoroff

Mihei Egoroff

Financial Advisor

I am a proud father of two boys and happily married to my wife, Raisa. We married in 2012 and have been dedicated to leading our family into a Christian life dedicated to servitude and stewardship. Once our sons came along they became the reason behind our purpose-driven life and the biggest motivators behind our dream of creating a legacy they would be proud to call theirs. 

Dave Ramseys helped us refine and protect that legacy. By following the 7 Baby Steps, we paid off several hundred thousand dollars in debt and purchased a home without a mortgage in 2019. I am proud to be part of the SmartVestor Pro network. It allows me the chance to hear stories from our clients and share our journey from simple beginnings to help inspire others to pursue their financial goals, even the ones that seem impossible because we are proof that anyone can pursue them. Even those from immigrant or farming backgrounds, such as ourselves.

I started Hope Wealth Planning in 2018 to guide my clients by supporting them in their financial journey and connecting with people of similar interests. Their trust in me inspires my continued devotion to seeing them pursue the life of their dreams, as I am. My family's own financial journey encourages me and my belief that the path to pursue wealth building is available to everyone.

When we are not working, we spend our time enjoying the great outdoors of Oregon on our snowmobiles. Once the snow melts and we greet the warmer seasons of life, we spend our summer days boating, fishing, archery hunting, and counting down the days till we can pull out our sleds again.

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